Winston SUN

  • Fellowship in 2001 at University of Neuchatel
Dr. Winston SUN graduated from the Department of Mechanical and Automation Engineering, Chinese University of Hong Kong in year 2000. After briefly conducted research work at the same department as a Postdoc and concurrently served as a Hostel Tutor at the Shaw college, Winston was awarded a 2-year Croucher Foundation Fellowship in 2001 to conduct Optical MEMS research at the University of Neuchatel (now EPFL), Switzerland.

In 2004, Winston was granted a JSPS Fellowship to research on Optical and RF MEMS topics at ToshiLab, University of Tokyo. In 2010, Winston was appointed a Research Scientist by the Institute of Microelectronics, Singapore where he was promoted to Project Director in 2012.

In 2017, Winston was a Principal Investigator of a Shenzhen government funded dual-axis Micromirror project. In July 2018, Winston was appointed a Principal Engineer at AIphotonics, Ltd. located in Science Park.

Winston is confident that the work experiences he acquired over the years from internationally renowned technical institutes can be contributed to the local research community. 

1988 HKCEE from Rosaryhill School, HK

1990 HKAL from St. Gloria College, Wanchai

1994 BSc in Mechanical Engineering, Fresno State, CA

1996 MSc in Mechanical and Aeronautical Engineering, UCDavis

2000 PhD in Mechanical and Automation Engineering, CUHK, HK

2001 Postdoc in MAE CUHK, recipient of the 1-year CUHK ITEP Fellowship

2001 Recipient of the 2-year Croucher Foundation Fellowship to conduct Optical MEMS research in SAMLAB, University of Neuchâtel (now EPFL) as a Research Scientist on the topic of "Digital Variable Optical Attenuator".

2003 Research staff at SAMLAB on a display project with SWATCH

2004 Recipient of the 2-year JSPS 日本学術振興会 Fellowship to work as 特任研究員 at 年吉研究室,生産技術研究所、東京大学

2006 産学官連携研究員 at 年吉研 on a RF-MEMS project with JRC 日本無線

2010 Scientist II at Institute of Microelectronics (IME), A*STAR, Singapore

2011 Project Director at IME, A*STAR, Singapore

2015 Researcher, MBE dept., City University Hong Kong

2016 研究员, SZAR 深圳智能机器人研究院

2017 项目负责人 of 深圳市基础研究项目(自由探索类别) on the topic of 二维扫描锥底微振镜的微加工制造与机器人避障应用

2018 Principal Engineer at Aiphotonics LTD.


99.998% Principal Engineer at Aiphotonics, Science Park, HK

0.002% (actually a bit more) Be the daydreaming and unrealistic Winston