To Tsz-Leung 杜子亮

  • Fellowship in 2011 at University of California, San Francisco

Tsz-Leung To's background training includes:

  • Chemical engineering (B.S., Ph.D.)
  • Biochemistry and molecular biology (B.S.)
  • Process systems and control (undergraduate research, summer internship)
  • Computational and systems biology (doctoral dissertation)
  • Metabolic engineering and synthetic biology (industry experience)
  • Development of research tools (postdoctoral fellowship)



He is currently a research scientist at Broad Institute. In collaboration with Vamsi Mootha and colleagues, he focuses on the systems biology of mitochondria.

Mitochondrial dysfunction is associated with a spectrum of human conditions, ranging from rare metabolism errors to the aging process. But understanding how genetic variations can protect against or contribute to these diverse pathologies is a challenge. To identify the genes and cellular pathways involved, To and his colleagues performed genome-wide CRISPR screening to create a compendium describing the genetic modifiers for different models of mitochondrial dysfunction. Among the results, they highlighted the surprising finding that certain forms of mitochondrial dysfunction may best be buffered with “second site” inhibition to the organelle.

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