Tony Fung

  • Senior Research Fellowship in 2008 at The University of Hong Kong
Professor Tony Wing Kam Fung is Chair of Statistics at the University of Hong Kong.  Professor Fung is renowned for his work in statistical DNA forensics, robustness and detection of outliers and influential observations. He has made significant contributions in the interpretation of DNA mixture in the context of subdivided populations and different ethnic groups, and the analysis of DNA mixed stains involving relatives. He has developed several computer programs on complex statistical calculations for different forensic DNA problems such as paternity testing, kinship determination and mixed stains analysis, etc. These freewares are available on his homepage and have been downloaded by researchers and forensic chemists for more than 3,000 times.  His softwares have been used by forensic scientists in various criminal and civil cases.  The feedback on the softwares was very positive. For robustness, Professor Fung has also developed the adding-back approach, which is powerful in the detection of outliers and influential observations.