Wong Chi Ming 王志明

  • Fellowship in 2003 at National Institute of Child Health and Human Development

Dr Wong received his B.Sc. in Biochemistry at the Hong Kong University of Science & Technology in 1997 and at the University of Hong Kong in 2003, respectively. With the support of Croucher Fellowship for Postdoctoral Research, he obtained his postdoctoral training in the laboratory of Dr. Alan G. Hinnebusch (Head of the Program in Cellular Regulation and Metabolism) at National Institutes of Health working on the mechanism of eukaryotic transcription termination (Wong et al, 2007). In 2008, he rejoined his PhD supervisor Prof Dong-Yan Jin’s group to explore the role of peroxiredoxin in oxidative defense and genomic stability (Tang et al, 2009; Tang et al 2015). In 2010, with the funding supports from NIH and NSFC, he studied the mechanism of eukaryotic transcription termination and its link in RNA surveillance (Wong et al 2010; Kong et al 2014). Dr Wong joined the Department of Medicine at HKU as Research Assistant Professor in 2011 and collaborated with Prof Aimin Xu (Director of State Key Lab of Pharmaceutical Biotechnology) to explore new metabolic hormones and factors (Wong et al 2014; Lee et al 2016; Huang et al 2017). 

Dr Wong is now Assistant Professor at the Department of Health Technology and Informatics of The Hong Kong Polytechnic University.