Tsam Lung You 尤沁隆

  • Scholarship in 2020 at University of Bristol


Tsam Lung You is a PhD student at the SoftLab, University of Bristol. He received a BEng and MSc(Eng) in Mechanical Engineering at the University of Hong Kong, and received an MPhil in Mechanical Engineering at Hong Kong University of Science and Technology later. Before moving to Bristol, he was a researcher at Kyoto University working on magneto-active polymer-driven soft robots.


Tsam Lung is doing research in soft robotics with a focus on developing robots that are more compliant than conventional robots using different kinds soft actuators. His current research goal is to develop an agile, soft underwater robot using twisted and coiled polymer actuators. By reducing rigidity, a soft underwater robot can navigate narrower and more complex spaces with less impact on marine life.