Yu Chau Leung Edwin

  • Fellowship in 1987 at Harvard University

Medical graduate in 1975 of Medical Faculty, the University of Hong Kong with Mun Gold Medal in Psychiatry. Chinese Medicine graduate of Ching Wah Chinese Medical Institute. Studied for MBA in Management Science from Strathclyde Graduate Business School. Postgraduate study in University Paediatric Department, Queen Mary Hospital, Hong Kong, under Prof JH Hutchison.  Further Western Medicine Specialist training in Royal Hospital for Sick Children, UK.  Postgraduate Chinese Medicine study after Prof Fan Siu Tsun.  Elected as Integrative Medicine Expert 2006 of the Chinese Association of Integrative Medicine, China.

Areas of interest: child Health, dermatology, renal medicine, stress and pain Relief, body quality, quality of life, improvement in mental performance. 

Research interests: developing technologies around dermal, fascial and tendo-muscular pathology in the application of a better medicine.


Director, InteMed Hong Kong,

President, Hong Kong Association for Integration of Chinese-Western Medicine

Practice integration of Chinese  medicine and Western medicine in disease management in dubious medical and health problems. 

Teaming up of appropriately skilled experts in various fields to scrutinise analytically methodology and ways to build up a core that brings together Chinese medicine and Western medicine.

In December 2015, Yu was featured in a Croucher news article - read here.