Yung Man Hong

  • Fellowship in 2009 at Harvard University
  • Scholarship in 2004 at University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Man-Hong Yung (翁文康) is currently a tenure-track assistant professor (助理教授) at the Institute for Interdisciplinary Information Sciences (交叉信息研究院 IIIS), Tsinghua University (清华大学) of China. He is interested in many areas in physics, chemistry, and information science. Recently, He is working on research problems in quantum information science, which is highly interdisciplinary and emerging rapidly as a new field of science. The goal of quantum information science is to rethink about many questions in quantum physics from the point of view of information science, and vice versa. Ultimately, breakthroughs in quantum information science will not only let us understand quantum physics better but also know how to dramatically improve the ways of information processing.

Education & Academic History

  • 2013 - Present: Assistant Professor, Tsinghua university, CQI@IIIS; 入选「青年千人计划」
  • 2009-2013: Postdoctoral Researcher, Harvard university, Department of Chemistry and Chemical Biology, Advisor: Prof. Alán Aspuru-Guzk
  • 2004-2009: PhD in Physics, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, Department of Physics, Advisor: Prof. Anthony Leggett (2003 Nobel Prize in Physics)
  • 2002-2004: MSc in Physics, The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Department of Physics, Thesis advisor: Prof. Kenneth Young
  • 1999-2002: BSc in Physics, The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Department of Physics


Selected Publications

  • Xu*, J.-S., Yung*, M.-H., Xu, X.-Y., Boixo, S., Zhou, Z.-W., Li, C.-F., Aspuru-Guzik, A., Guo, G.-C., Demon-like Algorithmic Quantum Cooling and its Realization with Quantum Optics.Nature Photon. 8, 113-118 (2014) [*equal contributions]; See the News and View by Seth Lloyd in Nature Photonics and Research Highlights by Tim Reid in Nature China.
  • Zhang*, J., Yung*, M.-H., Laflamme, R., Aspuru-Guzik, A. & Baugh, J. Digital quantum simulation of the statistical mechanics of a frustrated magnetNat. Commun. 3, 880 (2012). [*equal contributions]
  • Yung, M.-H. & Aspuru-Guzik, A. A quantum-quantum Metropolis algorithmPNAS. 109, 754–9 (2012).
  • Kassal, I., Whitfield, J. D., Perdomo-Ortiz, A., Yung, M.-H. & Aspuru-Guzik, A. Simulating chemistry using quantum computersAnnu. Rev. Phys. Chem. 62, 185–207 (2011).
  • Yung, M.-H., Benjamin, S. & Bose, S. Processor Core Model for Quantum ComputingPhys. Rev. Lett. 96, 220501 (2006).