Alfonso Ngan Hing Wan

Professor Alfonso Ngan Hing Wan 顏慶雲教授

Professor Alfonso NGAN Hing Wan is a leading authority on deformation mechanisms of materials. He has performed pioneer work on viscoelastic effects in nanoindentation, and statistical theories for deformation of micro-crystals and materials with random microstructures. He is the only Chinese so far to have received the prestigious Rosenhain Medal of the Institute of Materials , Minerals and Mining, and he holds a Higher Doctorate (DSc) from the University of Birmingham.

Current work

Nature and effects of small forces and deformations in synthetic materials, biological and natural systems, chemical reactions, etc., nanomechanics and bio-nanomechanics, fundamentals of crystal plasticity including dislocation-density based modeling of metal deformation, oscillatory stress effects on group behaviour of dislocations, etc.