Zilong Wen 温子龍

  • Senior Research Fellowship in 2019 at Hong Kong University of Science and Technology

Professor Zilong Wen is currently a professor at the Division of Life Science, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology. Professor Wen obtained his Bachelor of Medicine from the First Military Medical University (Southern Medical University) in China and Ph.D. from the Rockefeller University in USA. After a postdoctoral training with Irving Weissman at Stanford University, he established his own laboratory as a principle investigator at the Institute of Molecular Agrobiology/Institute of Molecular and Cell Biology, Singapore in 1999 and subsequently joined Hong Kong University of Science and Technology in 2007. Professor Wen has made substantial contributions to the understanding of the development of blood cell lineages. Using genetics, state of art imaging techniques and interdisciplinary methods, his team systematically uncovered the origin, developmental regulation and tissue-specific function of hematopoietic stem cells, T lymphocytes and microglia.


Professor Wen will continue to investigate the developmental regulation and function of hematopoietic cells.